App Development

App development is short for application development. It is the process of creating software to run on a computing device using a programming language or visual design environment. Cross-platform app development is a similar process where the application is created to run on multiple operating systems from a single codebase. Mobile app development is the process of creating software to run specifically on mobile devices such as handheld tablets, smartwatches and cellphones.

So… You might have read this far and be thinking “Why the spuds are you telling me what app development is? I already know this!”.

We’re not really telling you, since we believe you already know this too…

The top paragraph is there just in case Google Knowledge decides to take a liking to our website. You know, just in case someone born thousands of years ago suddenly wakes up and shouts “Okay Google! What is app development?”.

In the off chance that this happens, Google can then read out our top paragraph to answer the “how the spuds am I alive again” person. The person gets knowledge, Google gets a happy user and we can get absolutely nothing out of it (winks).

Cross-Platform App Development

We use .NET Core (insert the latest version here) and C# to build a single application codebase which can run in a Linux, a Mac OSX and a Microsoft Windows environment. We like .NET, it’s fast, stable and we’ve used it to build everything from a standalone web server, which doesn’t depend on apache, nginx, ASP, etc… Hence it being standalone, to a multithreaded adaptive data mining web spider.

For cross-platform mobile app development, we use Microsoft Xamarin. This is a framework built on C# which is designed to offer a device native look and feel, similar to React Native, but in our opinion better.

Check out the image. Pow! This is a native cross-platform app we built for a client. It’s one single app codebase so around half the cost to develop and runs in Android and iOS so twice the fun to play with. Did we mention that we hate web apps?

App Development Agency Leeds
Here’s another one of those “not a stock image”. We actually created this mobile app for a client!

As you can see in this piece of art, courtesy of our excellent photography team, we’ve thrown one of our test devices on the floor, loaded a client app, snapped a pic, and added some jazzy image effects to make it look more attractive. It’s like a French perfume advert for a mobile app, we won’t tell you what it does, just like they don’t tell you what it smells like!

Some may think we’re not taking this seriously, but seriously, we are. The fact is that we build quality software. We are creative minds who understand our clients, we are Agency Leeds. Don’t ever ask us to build a web app!

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