If you ask our mind-expanding brand designers, they’ll tell you that a brand isn’t just a logo. It’s everything which creates and surrounds the image of a product, service or company. Your brand is what influences and attracts, it fixes in the centre of consciousness so that the next time they see it they think “I’ve seen that before”…

But in reality, we brand things for our clients, then create attractive photos from it so that the rest of the internet can steal it and claim it as stock imagery. Well here’s another one for you internet trolls!

Branding Agency Leeds
Please don’t steal me!

No seriously though, we work with our client’s imagination to help bring their ideas to life. And not just with product branding. Everything from brainstorming and storyboarding your logo to design, print, prototyping and even sourcing manufacturing for physical product packaging. We have the experience to help you get it right!

When it comes to physical products, we’ve helped to brand food condiments, clothing… And that’s it really, but we’ve branded products and we’d love to help brand more to extend our portfolio. Drop us a message through our contact form and let us help. Contact us.

Now if you’re talking about digital branding, that’s where we have a little more under our belt. We’ve designed hundreds of logos, the website to go with most of them, helped build up the social media profiles, created the marketing material, designed and built the mobile app and project managed the whole gig. And if all this doesn’t qualify us as a worthy brand consultant then we don’t know what would!

And that’s enough content for this page, you guys probably won’t read this far anyway. I’m going back over to chat with those brand designers, mind-blowing listening to those guys on a trip!