Content Production

Content production is also known as copywriting, which is the activity of writing the text for publicly visible material such as web pages, advertisements, newspaper articles and marketing publications.

Content is generally written to increase brand awareness and influence people to purchase products or services, sign up to newsletters and offers, spread word of mouth or perform other actions.

Content Quality

As with most services, there’s a fine line between quality and cost. There are many websites online who are dedicated to providing content production services through automation. What this means is you signup and submit a job request with specification of your article or content requirements. Freelance content writers can then quote you a price for providing the content you require.

Through experience working with clients who have used these services before we have spotted and fixed many issues with these service providers.

  • For many freelancers quoting on these websites, English is not a primary language. Usually, this means the finalized content piece is full of broken sentences, spelling mistakes and copy which doesn’t make sense.
  • The price is forced down by “contractor bidding” which has a massive impact on the product quality. For example, if you accept a quote which works out at 1.5p per word (which is half the standard freelancer rate), the work is usually half the quality to match.
  • Content pieces aren’t fully researched which means that things like product specification or service terms can be incorrectly typed.
  • If you accept different offers for each content piece or batched content pieces, the writing style will be different. When creating content for SEO, this is a bad idea and can be flagged as an anomaly but on a general level, it doesn’t provide the greatest user experience.

Content Production for SEO

Our copywriters have been working alongside us in the SEO industry for more than six years. They are highly experienced in the most important things like keyword distribution sweet spots, title placements, and other favoured writing styles.

The content we produce for a website is matched against any existing content using crawled data. A series of classifiers and natural language processing tools which we have built in-house ensure the new content doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Multilanguage and Translation

Is multilanguage even a real word? It’s not made it into the Collins English dictionary, but it’s in the Oxford dictionary, so it must be..? Since we cover broad regions and countries while offering our SEO services, we work with many native tongues for multilingual translation services, you know it makes sense!

For common translation requirements, including most European countries and regions, our in-house native speaking team are on hand. Our longstanding use of high-quality translation partners for any other requirements means that we can guarantee you’ll receive the highest quality content and translations.


We have two standard prices for content production. These prices are the same for across client website content production such as blog content, static web pages or online store products and backlink placement content production such as guest blog and news articles.

All our content pieces are heavily researched and produced to the highest standard. Each piece is project and content managed, proofread and QA tested to ensure the highest level of quality for our clients.

We don’t disclose our content production prices online for our competitors to see. If you are a competitor looking for prices, the least you can do is contact us for a copy of our price list and kick our tyres a little. Get in touch with us for more information on our content production pricing. We don’t bite! Contact Us.

We can offer special prices for converting analogous content to digital. This can be things like products from an existing “paper” product catalog, newspaper clippings or paper magazine content. Any analog content will be digitized using OCR tools and methods, following proofread and tidying.

Non-English Content Prices Explained

Content translation requires rewriting native to the target region. The specification for this needs to be briefed to native content writers and translated accordingly. Non-English content production needs to be proofread by a second native speaker and this requires additional project management. These factors add additional costs to NonEnglish content production.

We are able to offer a discount for bulk content production and further discount may be available based on regular monthly orders. Available discount is displayed in the discount tables in our price list. The maximum level of discount available depends on the target region.