Link Building

Link building is a term used in search engine optimisation which is the process of finding other websites who are happy to link to your website, app store or social media pages. There are generally two different types of link building, these are called earned media and paid media.

Earned media means that the content you produce and wish to promote earns its own upstanding reputation and gains websites linking to it naturally and organically. This can be due to content quality, trending subjects and influential hype. Paid media means to purchase an inbound link to a piece of content, similar to buying advertising space.

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As an expert link building agency, we prefer the term “link profiling”, since link building is not always about getting links. It’s about maintaining a healthy link profile and this quite often means requesting removal of toxic backlinks. Generating and submitting a disavow to Google Search Console to get rid of links to your pages that are hosted within poor quality websites.

We also prefer the phrase “link profiling” as most people in and around the link building industry have grown to dislike the link building subject. If link profiling catches on, remember, you heard it here first!

The two standard metrics which are generally used in link building profiling are DA (Moz Domain Authority) and TF (Majestic Trust Flow). These two metrics are well known across the SEO industry and have been the go-to measurement for identifying the quality of placing a backlink on a website for years.

What are Domain Authority and Trust Flow?

Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. A Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores meaning a greater ability to rank. Trust Flow is a metric that identifies how trustworthy a web page is based on how trustworthy websites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors. This score also ranges from 1 to 100.

More recently, search engines have wised up to the classic “link building” game and this has caused many large companies to see a negative impact from link building. Many of these companies have lost faith in link building and the SEO agencies they work with and rumored that SEO is dead.

This isn’t true at all. What’s happened here is that search engines have realized that almost every link building service provider is using common metrics and patterns. Measuring the sale value of a backlink and using link farms such as private blog networks or PBNs for short. The problem is that link target placement suppliers have figured out that they can manipulate these metrics. This enables suppliers to make it look to their clients that their websites are of higher quality than they actually are. This doesn’t fool search engines!

How search engines work

By simply explaining how a search engine works we can suggest that link building is still the most predominant form of SEO. The current most popular search engines were created by university students during their graduation years. During this period, these university students were studying dissertations, thesis and other academic papers written by scientists and other peers.

What many of these academic papers have in common is that if they are good, and by good, we mean honest, genuine, accurate, scientifically correct and popular, they get referenced by other academic papers and this is called a citation. The more citations your academic paper receives, the more it is seen to be genuine, accurate, good, etc… We just cited, did we increase their influence?

This was picked up on by the university students and the architecture of the search engine was built around this system. This means that the more your website and web pages, app store and social media pages, and even just your business, are mentioned online by other websites, the more genuine and valid your content is believed to be.

If you understand that the search engine is a citation system, you’ll understand the importance of link building regardless of how difficult and expensive it becomes.

What is important is the quality and authority of the website which links to your website and the standard common metrics no longer predict this alone.

Link Building Prices

Our pricing structure is factored using specific variables that must be considered while operating a link profiling campaign. This includes looking at the common metrics mentioned above along with many other metrics that indicate the quality of a website. The level of difficulty and time to negotiate the placement of a backlink increases dramatically across different regions and industries. This becomes even more so when sourcing and negotiating placements on websites with higher minimum metrics, or targeting a specific niche. It can become very a time-consuming and costly process.

Unlike some of the link farming agencies online, the ones which will generally get you a bad reputation and could negatively impact your website, we do link building right. We don’t disclose our prices on our website for our competitors to see but we have a comprehensive and easy to understand price list PDF we can send you. Our pricing system is very well structured, easy to understand and fully explains link building costs with examples, so if you have a genuine inquiry please contact us.

We’re a “no-bull” digital agency and can offer help and advice if you’re new to link building, and if you’re an experienced local SEO manager looking to work with a good local SEO agency in Leeds, we can offer our link building services to meet your needs.