PPC stands for “pay per click” and is an advertising or promotion system where the advertiser pays a small fee each time the advertisement is clicked and the user is directed at the content which is being promoted.

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The fee you pay is usually calculated through a keyword bidding system where more common keywords cost more to promote and most PPC platforms allow you to set a budget for this. Let’s say for example you wish to advertise your local pet grooming service on Facebook and that Facebook will charge you 1p per click of your advert. Your advert may be shown in the news feed of 50,000 Facebook users per day and 1000 of them may click your advert. Facebook would charge you £10 per day for this PPC campaign and once your set budget is reached your advert would no longer be shown until the budget is renewed. The prices here are an example only.

Pay per click platforms are there to help you promote content but they also exist to make money for the platform provider.

If you don’t fully understand the principles and techniques you may find yourself paying more than twice the cost of your competitors on a per-click basis with a lower rate of conversions, sales & leads. Quality score, bid management, targeting, conversion optimisation, remarketing and landing pages are just a few of the terms & variables which require fine-tuning when running a PPC campaign and without a good level of understanding of these elements, your campaigns could be costing you more much than you are actually making.

Common PPC Platform Providers

We currently provide PPC campaign management for the most common platform providers listed below. We may be able to offer our services across any platforms we’ve not listed.

Our Strategy

We use “Programmatic Display Advertising” techniques, including GDN Targeting, and as a data-driven digital agency, we are constantly analyzing and performance (A/B) testing your campaigns so we get the absolute best conversion rates at the suggested budget. We don’t set up all our client campaigns with the same variable and just let them run themselves, we believe there is no ‘off the shelf’ approach to online marketing.

Every campaign we manage is completely bespoke to each client, taking into account their business needs and target objectives. Campaign Types Why You Should Use a PPC Agency Our PPC campaign management pricing consists of a one-off setup fee, a fixed monthly project management fee and an additional percentage fee of your total advertising spends.

These costs are on a per-platform basis. This may sound complicated but it isn’t, we work out our pricing using this system so you know exactly what each campaign is costing you. Other agencies may offer you a “cheap” fixed price (all-inclusive) service but you should be wary of this as you may not be able to determine how much of your budget is spent on clicks and how much is spent on the project management fee.

You should be very wary of agencies where the fixed amount you pay is equivalent to very high costs per clicks.

Scalable Pricing

Using our pricing system we’re able to provide our services to clients of any size. This means that small, medium and large enterprises can benefit from our expertise and our prices are very good compared to competitors. We don’t disclose our prices online to ensure we keep a competitive edge. We have a PDF document which explains our prices and gives simple examples making our pricing system clear and easy to understand. Please contact us for more information.