We are a digital agency who offer specialist consultancy services for search engine optimisation. SEO is the broad term for many tools and techniques which are used to help your website appear sooner in the list of websites returned by a search engine when it is queried for keywords which would match the criteria of your website.

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Building an In-house SEO Team or Department

With our long-standing industry knowledge and experience, we’ve helped some of our clients to set up their own internal teams and departments who are dedicated to SEO and other digital marketing strategies and we’re happy to do the same for you. We can consult with you to provide insight into the best tools, systems and strategies. We can offer training to existing team members or help you choose the right staff while putting together a new team. We help you streamline digital marketing processes and get the best performance possible.

We can continue to provide periodic audits, ensuring that your team stays on track and adapts to changes as soon as they become known in the industry. Auditing is one of the most important factors of SEO otherwise you’ll be left behind in a rapidly changing environment!

We are fully transparent and offer full support while helping you whether you decide to bring your SEO in-house or outsource it to a digital agency. We can help you with the pros and cons, costings and offer a truly non-biased opinion. If you decide you’re not ready to bring SEO in-house, we can help you in choosing the right services to meet your needs and help you with some of the services we offer as an agency ourselves.

Whether you have a new or established in-house team or use an agency, it is vitally important to have regular periodic audits performed by a 3rd party to ensure you’re getting the best performance possible out of your team or supplier. For example, if you outsource your requirements to an agency, you should have an audit at least every 12 months by a second agency. This will provide you with a second opinion, give you a more transparent and non-biased overview, and the audit report could help your existing provider in areas they may have overlooked.

What Are The Benefits of an SEO Audit

An audit is an essential process that will empower your company with real insights which you can take action upon to improve performance for ranking higher, increasing traffic and generating more leads.

With our detailed auditing service, we forensically examine your website, app store page, or other marketing content, and apply our expertise to identify potential problems and offer solutions. Listed below are a few of the services we provide.

Website Health Check

Our health assessment will identify potential problems which should be investigated further. We will identify and report any analytical anomalies such as recent changes in referrals, bounce rate, session length and organic search appearances.

Onpage Auditing

With our full technical audit, we vigorously crawl your entire website using in-house technology and examine it for any SEO practices which are known to generate a red flag or penalty by Google and could damage your website’s ranking.

The analysis includes sitemap review, internal link structure, link anchors, metatag, citation, hosting metrics, SSL profile, social media linking, website response load benchmarks & more. All of these elements play a large role in the overall ranking performance of your website.

Offpage Auditing

External auditing is a complex process that includes analysis of backlink profiles looking at negative/lost inbound links and can include competitor analysis in which we provide insight on your high ranked competition.


We calculate our prices to ensure we can provide our services to clients regardless of business size and each of our price lists for the services we offer are very well structured to easily represent this. Digital marketing is a very competitive industry and we don’t disclose our price lists to any old Tom, Dick or Harry! You’ll need to contact us for pricing…

Our SEO consultancy, auditing and service prices are based on the size, popularity and/or complexity of the website, app or other media we are auditing and the type or types of audit required. This benchmark is usually set by either the number of internal web pages or the number of external websites/pages which are linking to the target material but this is not always the case.

Contact us for more information, advice, or to request our price lists and a free primary consultation, we’re friendly and we don’t bite!