Social Media Marketing

Keeping active social media visibility has become the number 1 priority for all businesses, whether they’re large internet companies or small high street stores. While it may not always generate direct traffic and sales, there are a few techniques which certainly help to give it a boost.

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We are a social media account management agency based in Leeds, United Kingdom and we help our clients to get the best out of their social media profiles.

Social Media Management for Small Businesses

If you run a small business then you’re more than likely too busy to handle your business’s social media profiles, but if you’re not too busy and you handle them yourself, that’s great! You could still benefit from some guidance to get the most out of it and we can help with a low cost monthly or yearly audit.

If your business is growing then you’re probably considering employing someone to handle your social media accounts on a full-time basis. This can be more expensive than using a social media agency, depending on the amount of workload required. We offer a social media account package on a per-account basis with prices starting from £300+VAT per month with discounts available for managing multiple accounts across different platforms. Let us manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn profile and take the hassle out of employment and training.

We don’t just post! As part of our service, we can offer support to your customers when they ask questions or send messages to your company profile, and since we’re an office full of internet whizz kids, in many cases we don’t need to ask you or your staff for the correct answer. We’ll do our best to find the information to answer your customer through internet sources or previous responses but if required we’ll forward customer support questions to the correct department within your business.

We offer our expertise to help you decide whether it is more beneficial to use a social media agency or to employ staff to manage your accounts. We are non-biased and there is no obligation to buy our services, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us for advice. Contact us.

Enterprise Social Media Services

As a marketing agency, we work with our clients to research trends, track conversion rates, boost posts and social media activity and provide monthly reports as part of our performance marketing services. We can work with you to ensure that you get the best out of your social media accounts.

If you have an in-house marketing team who keep on top of your social media, it’s likely that your social media account could still use a 3rd party audit, to ensure your team stays at the top of their game. We suggest to our clients that audits are carried out on a monthly or yearly basis, and the cost of a social media audit varies depending on the amount of activity per account.

If you usually prefer pen and paper over email and are just jumping on the social media trend wagon or you’re going over the employment costs with the HR and finance departments, you may have figured out that, even for large companies, using a social media agency could be a better option.

If you skipped the reading for small businesses, then you’ll have missed the part where we mention that we don’t just post posts and that as part of our service, we can offer support to your customers when they ask questions or send messages to your company profile. This service is popular with some of our other clients and helps us to stand out from other social media agencies.

We measure performance and actively adapt to ensure our clients get the best out of their social media accounts. We provide social media audits and full detailed reports, helping reduce costs and increase sales and conversion rates. Contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Social Media Management vs Social Media Marketing

There are varying levels of service supplied by social media agencies which generally depend on the quality and experience of the agency and the price you’re willing to pay for the service you require. For example, if you’re paying a low price for a few generic posts a week, you’re certainly not getting the best out of your social media profile.

We work alongside you to build the best social media marketing strategy to suit your budget and needs. This covers general posting, figuring out the best use of competitions and giveaways, correct use of ads and PPC platforms, and more.

Oh and here’s some advice for other social media agencies who have read this far. The Boost button doesn’t directly generate sales or leads, and hashtags don’t work very well in Facebook posts! Contact us for more tips.