Technical Auditing

The phrase “technical audit” is quite broad and can mean many things, from auditing a website for its quality of SEO, to costings of domain names and hosting packages. Even things such as software licensing costs and business email account costs may be able to be reduced after a good technical audit.

Basically a technical audit is the providing of a report containing enlightening data, along with suggestions on implementing changes where possible. We can also be instructed to help implement any changes and suggestions where required.

Cloud Computing Audit

We can help to reduce your cloud costs by auditing your cloud Azure, Firebase and Amazon AWS accounts, we even have experience in managing accounts for some of our clients who use smaller cloud hosting companies such as Rackspace although cost savings here usually means migrating to remote physical servers. Instead of paying £700 per month for Rackspace to manage a server for them, they pay us £499 a month instead and get a much better managed service for their money. By much better we mean things like monthly manual performance checks, monthly security updates, migration advice and a migration service when their Linux distro security updates are no longer supported. Basically all the things you should get with managed server hosting, but don’t… Prices here are for “example” only, this means if you pay £300 per month for your managed server, we can still migrate and manage your server hosting and save you money!

Pricing for cloud auditing and management varies from client to client based on the size of the cloud account but to give an example here, we audited an Amazon AWS account for a client who is using most using EC2 servers for website hosting among other things. This was our largest cloud audit and cost them £12,600… It reduced their Amazon AWS monthly costs from more than £14,000 to less than £6,000 and it’s needless to say that, after seeing their savings of more than £8,000 a month, they think we are genuine superheroes! After seeing how much we saved them they are happy to continue paying us £1,500 for cloud account management monthly servicing and consultancy to ensure their costs stay down.

Search Engine Optimisation Auditing

When people think “technical audit”, they think of “digital agency”, and they instantly think “SEO”. Well, surprise! We do offer SEO and as part of this, we do offer SEO auditing. Our auditing service is dynamically structured in a way that our clients get the absolute best out of us and their budget whether they are small to medium businesses or huge companies, although unfortunately, we don’t offer SEO services for £100, £300 and £500 per month like the three million broken language SEO agencies over in India… We’re a UK company, we know the SEO industry and we know that tiny budgets don’t work well!

Like all other SEO agencies, we use an array of 3rd party web and desktop software (did someone say Screaming Frog?) to help us analyze your website, mobile app, or other content that you need SEOifying but did we mention that we have our own bespoke private and internal API which we’re happy to demonstrate to our clients and this gives us functionality and an edge that “the other agency” hasn’t even thought of!


We calculate our prices to ensure we can provide our services to clients regardless of business size and each of our price lists for the services we offer is very well structured to easily represent this. Digital marketing is a very competitive industry and we don’t disclose our price lists to any old Tom, Dick or Harry! You’ll need to contact us for pricing…

Our SEO consultancy, cloud and technical auditing service prices are based on the size, popularity and/or complexity of the website, app or other media, or the complexity of the cloud accounts or business we are auditing and the type or types of audit required. This benchmark is usually set by either the number of internal web pages or the number of external websites/pages which are linking to the target material but this is not always the case.

Contact us for more information, advice, or to request our price lists and a free primary consultation, we’re friendly and we don’t bite!